SFC Factories

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SFC Factories
SFC Factories
An artists rendition of the SFC Factories by local artist Arturo Ilisástigui
Situated onBroken Teeth Isles
Net income$1.195 billion (2021)

The SFC Factories are a group of factory buildings, situated on the Broken Teeth Isles archipelago. The factory relocated here after first being located on The Lifeless Chain. However, after completely depleting those islands of their resources the entire operation was moved to the main island where it is to this day. The main things produced in the factory are chicken-based snacks such as chicken nuggets and chicken fingers. Workers live in the nearby town of Fowl's End, which slowly starts to expand into the factory grounds. The factory management doesn't mind this, given that less travel equals more time to work, which in turn equals more profit. Essentially, the entire island is run by the SFC company. A separate part of the island is used exclusively for storing produce and shipping it off to Holly Harbor for further distribution.

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