Olivier LeDéfoncé

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Olivier LeDéfoncé
Olivier LeDéfoncé
A portrait of Olivier LeDéfoncé by local artist Arturo Ilisástigui
Born6 September, 1982
Olivier LeDéfoncéAn artists rendition of Olivier's villa by local artist Arturo Ilisástigui

Olivier Blaise Blanford Blanchard LeDéfoncé (Nullford, 6 September 1982), mostly referred to as Olivier LeDéfoncé, is rich playboy entrepeneur with a lot of businesses on the island. He has roots in France and inherited most of his fortune from his dear daddy-o. However, this starting capital did kickstart his career because he could invest in different opportunities on the island. One of these ventures is the Holly Harbor, where he owns a few docks. What he's importing and exporting is unknown, as the yearly reports for his company conveniently omit this endeavor. He's also an avid art collector and has commissioned various pieces by local artist Arturo Ilisástigui.


Like any rich guy, Olivier is not without his controversies. Living near the White Powder Forest is not without its reasons, and it's said he regularly has some of his servants go get some of the good stuff. It helps him concentrate, or so we're told. Either way, rumor has it that he also has a significant investment in P.E.C.K., which in and of itself is a controversial company. This rumor is unconfirmed as his name does not seem to appear anywhere in any official documents coming from the place. These kinds of allegations have led to islanders now blaming Olivier for pretty much anything shady going on on the island. According to public perception, odds are that he probably has something to do with it. He is even rumored to be in cahoots with Carl.

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