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An artists rendition of Eachatuna by local artist Arturo Ilisástigui
Other namesThe Big Fish in the Sea, The True First, Lord of Nibbles, The Oldest One

Eachatuna is a cosmic entity said to have originally inhabited the seas near East Bushington. Scientists found the earliest mention of Eachatuna at Eachatuna Circle, a pre-historic monument entirely dedicated to the deity. Discussions have been going on for millennia with Cluck'thulians over which deity is the one true deity of the island. Crusades, wars, it's all been done in the past. The fact of the matter remains that devout followers believe Eachatuna created the world around us. Eachatuna may be depicted as a giant fish, often golden/blue in color, or anthropomorphically with the torso of a man connected to the rear half and head of a fish.


In the beginning, the sea was ruled by a powerful god named Oceanus. He commanded the tides, the currents, and all the creatures that lived within the vast waters. But one day, a new god emerged from the deep. A fierce and mighty creature named Eachatuna, and he was a force to be reckoned with. His scales were as hard as steel and his teeth were sharp as knives. He could swim faster than any other fish, and he was feared by all who crossed his path.

Eachatuna soon proved his worth to Oceanus, and the two gods formed a powerful alliance. Together, they ruled the seas and protected all the creatures within them. But not all the gods were happy with this arrangement. Some resented Eachatuna's rise to power and plotted against him One day, a great battle erupted between the gods of the sea. Eachatuna fought bravely against his enemies, but he was outnumbered and soon found himself on the brink of defeat. Just when all seemed lost, large groups of tuna from across the known world appeared from the depths to fight by Eachatuna's side. Together, they managed to drive back the other gods and secure victory for their god.

From ancient inscriptions at the Eachatuna circle, scientists managed to decipher that the origin of the Eachatuna-based religion likely comes from early seafaring people who told tales of these battles amongst themselves. Traveling into the unknown from distant islands in rickety old canoes they would pray to the gods of the sea to grant them safe passage. Most likely some of these people made landfall on the island and decided to settle there indefinitely. Surviving the arduous trip only strengthened their beliefs in some kind of benevolent sea/fish god. This made the subsequently erect the Eachatuna Circle on the island in its honor.

Present day

The truly devout cult of followers gathers at the Pilkington Monastery. Here they live out their lives in honor of Eachatuna. This includes daily hourlong baths in the waters it's said to inhabit. Given the duration of these baths, their skin typically goes all wrinkly, making them look a lot older than they really are. A typical practice for Eachatunians is to get fish scales tattood onto their body. Their shaved heads are the traditional body part used for this practice, but they have been branching out to the legs and arms.

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