Welcome to the open metaverse

Pixlton aims to build an open and interoperable metaverse, using the Genesis Pixltonians as its main avatar. Each Pixltonian has its own character and awkward quirks and lives in a universe that can be best described as pleasantly disturbed. Holders of a Genesis Pixltonian can use their identity across multiple metaverses, both 2D and 3D, and shape their character's life story.

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A diverse collection of characters inhabiting the town of Pixlton

Started out of a love for pixelart, these characters have been carefully crafted in the nostalgic style of the video games of the past. They are one big dysfunctional town in the digital world.

The Genesis Pixlton collection is chuck full of gender & racial diversity because in the metaverse you should also be proud of who you are. Create your own stories around your identity and enjoy the ultimate form of self-expression.

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Live in The Sandbox

While we thoroughly enjoy the 2D nature of pixel art, there are also numerous 3D metaverses out there that we want to support. We have prepared all of the assets for you that will allow you to take your Pixltonian into any 3D world you can think of. These can now be downloaded from the wallet page. Furthermore, our avatars are now LIVE in The Sandbox!


How do I get started?

Before you can buy an NFT, you will need to set up a crypto wallet like MetaMask or the Coinbase wallet. After purchasing some Ether you can proceed to OpenSea, or any other NFT marketplace, and purchase any Pixltonian your heart desires.

Where do I buy one?

Right now, Pixltonians are only available on the second-hand market through any NFT platform like OpenSea, X2Y2 or LooksRare. The initial sale was completed in March 2021.

How about licensing?

You have full ownership and commercial usage rights on your Pixltonians. This includes, but is not limited to e.g. printing them for displaying them in the physical world. If you do decide to do something cool with it, don't hesitate to reach out to us on Twitter to show off your handywork!

Can I trade my Pixltonians?

Yes, you can! We adhere to the ERC-721 standard, so they can be traded publicly on platforms such as OpenSea. Alternatively you can check out our NFTX vault. Do make sure you're buying only Pixltonians that are contained within the verified collection! These are the only verifiably legitimate Pixltonians.

What about the rarity of my NFTs?

Every Pixltonian has a list of public attributes, but can also contain some hidden attributes. Some of these are visual in nature, some are hidden in their character traits and biographies. Our explorer on this website lets you freely browse through them based on their attributes and rarities. We are also on some external platforms that track rarity, such as our partner NFT Tools!

Where can I use my Pixltonian?

Currently we have support for The Sandbox, Worldwide Webb, Tollan Worlds, 0xWorld and Turf.

Our partners

We're unbelievably lucky to be able to partner up with some of the best brands and companies in the space. Now it's your turn to make the move.

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The team

Being the old farts we are, we grew up on graphics consisting of tiny little squares. In modern video games these kinds of graphics would scare people. But, even though they were just squares, the amount of creativity game developers managed to squeeze out of them back in the day is impressive. A few correctly placed squares conveyed all kinds of emotions. There’s a reason that a lot of these games are still considered classics in their own right, being remastered over the years to inspire new generations of people just like us.

CookieDoing Everything
KrisWeb3 Wizz
WaywardHead of 3D Squares
PhilHead of Sandboxes