The Eachatuna Circle

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The Eachatuna Circle
The Eachatuna Circle
An artists rendition of a part of the Eachatuna Circle by local artist Arturo Ilisástigui
Established inBronze Age
Situated inEast Bushington

The Eachatuna Circle is a prehistoric, megalithic monument situated in East Bushington. It consists of a ring of stones, roughly around 16 feet (5m) high. There's also another snakelike structure of standing stones and various crude depictions of what seems to be tuna. Each stone is said to easily weigh upwards of 25 tons. The whole monument seems dedicated to the deity named Eachatuna. Archeologists believe it was constructed somewhere between 4242 BC to 690 BC. It's a cultural icon on the island but has also sparked controversy among the inhabitants.


Being built long before Chicun Itza resulted in Eachatuna Circle causing quite the ruckus on the island. Faithful followers of Eachatuna are at direct odds with the followers of Cluck'thulu over who is the rightful deity on the island. Given that both monuments have been around for a while, these struggles date back centuries. Various crusades were held over this, but the age-old debate has not been settled to this day. This is why a portion of the monument is regularly vandalized by NFT graffiti artists who associate themselves with Cluck'thulu.

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