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Established in1756
Situated inGreater Pixlton

Pixlton is a town situated in Greater Pixlton. Founded in 1756 by explorer Willis Wheeler, it is typically described as a quaint little town near the water. Highlights include a grocery store, a church, a pub, a dock, and a town hall. Traffic is almost non-existent, as everything is within walking distance. It's also why there is no noteworthy infrastructure for cars. The people here are awkward but nice. At least, most of them. Research has learned that approximately 30 murderers are living in this town, but hey, all is good here.


The explorer Willis Wheeler typically gets credited with founding Pixlton. He first explored this part of the island in 1756 and decided to settle here. After driving out the indigenous people, as is typically the case, he built small wooden settlements for his fellow explorers to live in. After adding the most important amenities as they were needed the town eventually town grew to be what it is today. Willis eventually met his demise after deciding to take a bath in some of the nearby hot springs. He didn't quite realize that they are not only boiling hot, but also quite acidic. His remains were never recovered, having been completely disintegrated and all... The fountain on the town square still has a statue of Willis Wheeler to honor his endeavors.

Politics and religion

Two subjects that go great together. Or at least, when it comes to Pixlton. The Mayor of the town is a devout Cluck'thulian, so whether they like it or not, you're pretty much required to be one yourself to live in this town. A recent decree from the Mayor's office dictates that Pixltonians are required by law to have either red or blue shingles on their roof, dependent on their political color. Roofers in the area are having a field day replacing all the roofs, but some inhabitants still fight this decree.

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