Carl X. Chicken

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Carl X. Chicken
Carl X. Chicken
Lives inThe Coupe Coop
Originally fromDenmark
Mental capacityDim
Age1 year
RelativesA whole alphabets worth of chicken cousins and nieces

Carl X. Chicken, mostly referred to merely as Carl, or, on occassion, Chicun or Chicunt, is a Pixltonian chicken who is most notable for being the Pixlton NFT project's marketing manager for a brief period of time. Carl was initially hired to take care of the projects social media presence, but after a few considerable fuckups he got fired from this position. Among these fuckups are leaking the collection early and setting fire to the Pixlton Town Hall destroying over 3000 Pixltonians in the process. The true fate of these Pixltonians remains unknown to this day. His dim-witted demeanor got him into trouble more than it helped him, which is what eventually led to his termination. He swore revenge that day and has been a pain in the ass for the project ever since.

Early life

Carl's very early life was rather uneventful. Given that chickens don't have a particularly long lifespan anyway, much of his early life was spent growing up amongst his dozens of brothers, sisters, cousins, and nieces. Growing some of his feathers out, getting himself a wattle, you know... Just chicken things.

However, Carl was not like the other chickens on the farm - he was evil. No one knew why he was evil, but everyone could see it in his beady little eyes. Carl would terrorize the other chickens, pecking at them and stealing their food. He would even sneak into the farmer's house at night and steal eggs from the kitchen. The other chickens were afraid of Carl, but they didn't know what to do. They tried to warn the farmer about Carl's behavior, but the farmer just laughed and said, "Oh, he's just a chicken. He's not capable of being evil."

But the other chickens knew better. They could see the malice in Carl's eyes, and they knew that they had to do something before he caused even more trouble.One day, they came up with a plan. They would lure Carl into the barn and lock him inside. They would then leave him there to rot, never to bother them again. The plan worked perfectly. Carl was lured into the barn, and the other chickens quickly locked him inside. But Carl was not going down without a fight. He began to peck and scratch at the door, trying to escape. The farmer heard the commotion and came to see what was happening. When he saw Carl locked inside the barn, he was furious. He quickly unlocked the door and let Carl out. But Carl was not grateful. He turned on the farmer and attacked him, pecking and scratching at his face. The farmer was forced to defend himself but after Carl managed to peck out an eyeball the farmer went down and Carl managed to escape.

His aggressive demeanor has oftentimes been attributed to a traumatic event in his childhood. However, given that a significant portion of his extended family has already died the details around this are hazy at best. Before turning 1 year old he was hired as the social media manager on the Pixlton project in what can only be described as a "there was absolutely no one else who applied" type of situation.

His first job

When Carl got hired to be the social media and marketing manager for the Pixlton project he was pretty much considered clueless from the start. How he got past the initial job interview is unknown. An overview of some of the errors he managed to rack up during only his first month of employment can be found below.

  • Leaking a list of all Pixltonians pre-reveal
  • Trying to train a monkey to do his job for him
  • Getting himself minted into the collection
  • Setting fire to the Pixlton Town Hall, seemingly killing 3000+ Pixltonians
  • Cursing at the community with vigor at every opportunity
  • Just being an overall hateful chicken
  • Absolutely sucking at his job

Post-Pixlton life

After being fired from the Pixlton project, Carl decided to make it his lifeswork to seek revenge. After hatching various plans, including attacking the town by sea using whales with laserbeams attached to their heads, the plan he settled on was invasion by car. The small oversight in his plan was that the town of Pixlton doesn't quite have the infrastructure to even support cars. After sourcing a whole bunch of cars from Carlos C. Carman Auto Shoppe, among others, an attack was planned and launched for Pixlton Town Hall. Most cars didn't even make it out of the place Carl had been stashing them in since he stored them in a very damp environment down in Billingsley Cave. The ones that did make it out never even reached the Town Hall because his army wanted no part of it and simply drove off.

The personal failure of this endeavor doesn't hurt Carl too much. He's already forgotten about it and surely plotting his next move somewhere in the shadows. His "Cult of Carl" still has a following, even though his opponents will do their best to stop him. By using all kinds of different enforcers he has managed to isolate himself in his hideout and stay out of the hands of the authorities.

Personal life

Carl's extended family hails from Denmark. But given that they have the same kind of chickens over there as any other place in the world we're not quite sure what would give that factoid away. Hobbies aren't really something Carl has a lot of time for given that he's too busy plotting evil plans, forgetting about them with his pea-sized brain, and subsequently having to come up with the same plan over and over again. Although it has been gathered that he has an affection for jelly beans.

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