The District

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The District
The District
An artists rendition of a part of The District by local artist Arturo Ilisástigui
TypeDesignated Area
Situated inEast Bushington

The District is a designated area in East Bushington. In 2019, the local government of Pollard's Cove dictated that all available space within its city boundaries has to become a residential area. Any commercial or industrial zoning has subsequently moved to the designated area known as The District. This means that every inhabitant of Pollard's Cove will have to travel miles to access any kind of amenities. It also means that a lot of different stores and facilities got crammed onto a fairly insignificant speck of land. The lack of space causes some weird combinations such as the landfill of the island slowly blending into the playground.

Two of the more notable chains on the island have their main shop in The District. One of these stores, Carlos C. Carman's Auto Shoppe, has been consistently providing islanders with hot second-hand cars for almost thirty years now. It's also where Carl X. Chicken sourced a lot of the cars used in the Car Club Invasion. Due to some shady business in their past, Carlos C. Carman still owed Carl a favor. The other store, the 724 Market, is the first-ever inconvenience store. Inconvenient in the sense that it's only open for 7 hours every 24 days. A concept that undoubtedly will go down in history as revolutionary.

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