Boople Lighthouse

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Boople Lighthouse
Boople Lighthouse
An artists rendition of Boople Lighthouse by local artist Arturo Ilisástigui
Established in1902
Situated inGreater Pixlton
InhabitantsA handful of lighthouse keepers, some local butcher lookouts.

Boople Lighthouse is a building in Greater Pixlton, established in 1902. Perched atop a cliff overlooking the sea this lighthouse has the ungrateful task of warning ships that they're nearing the Pixlton shores. However, hardly any visitors ever enter Pixlton by sea. The lighthouse is manned by upwards of 4 people almost 24/7 regardless. Occupational therapy I believe they call it. Local judges will also convict people to public service here from time to time. They typically spend their days playing cards and shooting at seagulls with the air rifle stashed at the lighthouse.

The Droppening

In 1985, a catastrophe of 10 on the scale of Edison occurred here. While changing the lightbulb, lighthouse keeper Bobby Butterfingers tripped and fell, causing the bulb to fall and splatter on the cliffs below. A new bulb had to be made, which meant the lighthouse was without a functional bulb for a few days. The mayor at the time sentenced Mr. Butterfingers to fill a 100-liter jar (340 fl oz.) with fireflies from the nearby woods. This jar would be used as a replacement bulb until the actual bulb was made. While Mr. Butterfingers energetically started his sentence, he quickly realized this task was beyond him. Keeping the fireflies alive while he gathered enough proved near impossible. It eventually drove him insane and resulted in him simply walking off of the nearby Wagyu Cliffs. Local legend says he can still be seen roaming the area around the Lighthouse carrying his jar.

Being taken over by butchers

More recently, local butchers have decided to post lookouts near the lighthouse. This is mainly due to its ideal location near Wagyu Cliffs and the amount of prime beef that can be gathered from there. On a busy day, one can find roughly 4 to 5 lookouts here. One could wonder why a small town like Pixlton needs that many butcher shops to begin with, but as with anything that makes you money it quickly gets overdone.

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