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An artists rendition of Pilkingon by local artist Arturo Ilisástigui
PilkingtonAn artists rendition of Pilkingon Monastery by local artist Arturo Ilisástigui

Pilkington is a town situated in The Contested Isles. It serves as the main hub for Eachatunians to practice their beliefs. Being situated on the Contested Isles, the people living here will claim that these islands were originally used for worshipping Eachatuna. Every Cluck'thulian will disagree with this, however. They claim these islands should be devoted to their religion. Hence the name Contested Isles. Both religions have settled on roughly half of these islands and mainly leave one another alone. Like Wattlethorpe, this island is also filled to the brim with all necessary amenities for pilgrims and inhabitants of the nearby monastery. Gift shops, fast food joints, you get the idea.

Pilkington Monastery

The monastery was founded in the 13th century by a group of devout tuna fishermen who claimed to have had a vision of Eachatuna. They believed that the deity had spoken to them and commanded them to build a monastery in its honor. The monks at Pilkington Monastery follow a strict regimen of tuna-themed rituals and practices. They eat only tuna, and even their clothing is made from tuna skins. They also perform daily tuna sacrifices to Eachatuna, and their prayers are chanted in the ancient Tuna language.

A truly devout cult of Eeachatuna followers gathers at a secluded part of the Pilkington Monastery. Here they live out their entire lives in honor of Eachatuna. This includes daily hourlong baths in the waters it's said to inhabit. Given the duration of these baths, their skin typically goes all wrinkly, making them look a lot older than they really are. A typical practice for Eachatunians is to get fish scales tattood onto their body. Their shaved heads are the traditional body part used for this practice, but they have been branching out to the legs and arms.

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