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An artists rendition of Wattlethorpe Monastery by local artist Arturo Ilisástigui
Situated inThe Contested Isles

Whattlethorpe is a town situated in The Contested Isles. It serves as the main hub for Cluck'thulians to practice their beliefs. The monastery that's situated nearby is where the hardcore ones go. The town itself serves as a place to welcome the incoming faithful ones. It is also where some of the gift shops are. You know, the ones where you can buy little plastic chickens, statues of Cluck'thulu, thimbles, decorative mugs, postcards, stuffed toys, books, t-shirts, jewelry, candles, silverware, action figures, fridge magnets, did we mention mugs already, everything that can be printed onto, personal grooming tools, candy, and anything else you can come up with.

Wattlethorpe Monastery

Cluck'thulians gather in Wattlethorpe Monastery to practice their beliefs. Whether or not this includes human sacrifices cannot be confirmed by scientists as the monastery is known for its very reclusive nature. Outsiders don't dare go near it and cultists grow their own food on the monastery grounds, meaning they don't have a lot of reasons to venture outside of its walls. Chickens roam the grounds freely, given that they're revered here. No one dares to harm them, given that it might end in the death penalty.

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