Fowl's End

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Fowl's End
Fowl's End
An artists rendition of a part of Fowl's End by local artist Arturo Ilisástigui
Established in1982
Situated onBroken Teeth Isles

Fowl's End is a town situated on the biggest island of the Broken Teeth Isles. It is most well-known for being the town where all the workers for the SFC Factories live. The line where the town ends and the factories start has been fading over the year, with expansions being built on both sides. The population on the island is almost exclusively devout followers of Eachatuna, given that willingly murdering chickens is not something you will see a Cluck'thulian do anytime soon. The mere existence of this town and the factory is a slap in the face of half the population of the island. Riots, protests, and even attempts at sabotage are not uncommon. The town also doubles as a transportation hub for exporting SFC products abroad. Tourism on the island is non-existent, as there's nothing else to do here.

Governmental struggles

Being the only town in the region means that Fowl's End is also the de-facto governmental seat for the Broken Teeth Isles. Given that Fowl's End itself is pretty much run by the SFC, it's essentially a company running the local government. That's never really a good thing. The same corporate greed has already depleted all the resources on the nearby Lifeless Chain before moving the factories over to the main island. A worker's union runs for office regularly but consistently fails because SFC management keeps rigging the voting machines. Job security is high, but people wanting to venture outside of the chicken nuggets business typically have a hard time breaking free from the machine.

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