The Lifeless Chain

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The Lifeless Chain
The Lifeless Chain
An artists rendition of The Lifeless Chain by local artist Arturo Ilisástigui
TypeIsland group
Situated inBroken Teeth Isles
InhabitantsNothing whatsoever

The Lifeless Chain is a group of islands, situated in the Broken Teeth Isles archipelago. They are completely barren islands, devoid of natural resources, caused by decades of hosting the industry from the nearby SFC Factories. These factories were originally constructed on these islands. However, when they exhausted all the natural resources the facility was moved to the neighboring island. This left behind a barren wasteland with the odd wooden shed that currently sits in disrepair. The islands are situated far enough from the shore to have no one really care about them anymore. Out of sight, out of mind. That kind of thing.

Points of interest

The decades of industry on the islands has left them with a lot of sights to see:

  • The Rusty Docks - once a bustling hub of trade, now a desolate wasteland of abandoned ships and crumbling infrastructure.
  • The Glass Lagoon - a toxic pool of acid, once used to dispose of industrial waste, now a treacherous reflection of the destruction wrought upon the islands.
  • The Poisoned Beach - a shoreline littered with debris and toxic sludge, its waters no longer safe for swimming or fishing.
  • The Rusting Iron Forest - a grove of twisted, rusted metal structures, once used for mining and processing raw materials.

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