Guano Lagoons

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Guano Lagoons
Guano Lagoons
An artists rendition of a part of Guano Lagoons by local artist Arturo Ilisástigui
TypeNatural phenomenon
Situated inThe Uplands

Guano Lagoons is a collection of lagoons and beaches situated in The Uplands. Imagine a stretch of perfectly blue lagoons with calm water, beautiful coral reefs to dive, and sandy beaches. Now imagine that they're full of bat dung. What could've been a prime tourist destination is reduced to a rather worthless piece of land, because bats from nearby cave systems call this place their shitter. The local government attempts to clean things up and manages to keep a small portion guano-free. However, you're basically having your beach holiday in between people constantly cleaning shit off of nearby rocks. While some people might enjoy that, it doesn't help the TripAdvisor score of the place. Adding further insult to injury is that any kind of beautiful view is ruined by the nearby P.E.C.K. facilities polluting the skyline.

Despite the unpleasant smell, the Guano Lagoons remain a somewhat popular tourist attraction. Visitors come to see the unique sight of the white, fluffy guano covering the sandy beaches and lagoons. Some even claim that the smell has medicinal properties, and that the guano has healing properties when used in ointments and salves. However, not everyone is a fan of the Guano Lagoons. Some locals avoid the area altogether, claiming that the smell is too overpowering and that the guano is a health hazard. Others say that a curse is active, and that anyone who spends too much time near the lagoons will be struck by some kind of misfortune.

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