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An artists rendition of a part of P.E.C.K. by local artist Arturo Ilisástigui
Established in1994
Situated inHolly Shores

P.E.C.K., also known as the Pixlton Embryotic Cloning Kollective, is a facility situated in Holly Shores. Founded by the big brains behind SFC in 1994, the goal of this facility is to use embryotic cloning to create chickens that are optimized for being processed into chicken nuggets and chicken fingers. Maximizing meat yield and minimizing unnecessary byproducts such as feathers, beaks, brain capacity, and legs. While they have made some serious strides towards their goals, the shareholders are still investing in perfecting the process. It's kind of weird that the name of the facility contains the word "Pixlton" given that the town is nowhere near it. However, to make the acronym work and also somewhat take a stab at the chicken loving people down there the big shots in charge of the facility decided to keep it around.


Obviously, this facility is very controversial when it comes to animal welfare. Also, given that half the island is Cluck'thulian, there is huge pushback from a religious perspective. The facility is heavily guarded just like the SFC Factories in the south. Stacks of deformed chicken remains were recently found in the nearby bay, indicating that experimentations are still ongoing. Who knows what kind of super chickens they have been creating behind closed doors?

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