Goldbloom Observatory

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Goldbloom Observatory
Goldbloom Observatory
An artists rendition of the Goldbloom Observatory by local artist Arturo Ilisástigui
Established in1936
Situated inFiddler's Green

The Goldbloom Observatory is an observatory in Fiddler's Green, established in 1936. It was primarily built because the islanders are very superstitious. They want a 24/7 update on the phase of the moon and when certain phases occur. When it came to modernizing the island infrastructure this process was one of the top priorities. The hilly section just above Sheeplechester was considered an ideal location. The amount of light pollution is minimal with The Badlands to the north and fields upon fields full of sheep to the south. Construction was finished within just a few months. The telescope has a built-in moon tracking system called the Moon Orbit In Space Tracker (MOIST). The other celestial bodies don't particularly matter to them, so islanders don't care a lot about horoscopes. The current phase of the moon is continuously shown on national TV (channel 42008, Moon TV).

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