Goldbloom Observatory

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Goldbloom Observatory
Goldbloom Observatory
An artists rendition of the Goldbloom Observatory by local artist Arturo Ilisástigui
Established in1936
Situated inFiddler's Green

The Goldbloom Observatory is a lunar observatory in Fiddler's Green. It was constructed in 1936 by eccentric millionaire, Harold Goldbloom, who had a passion for astronomy and a love for all things shiny and gold. The observatory is known for its unique design, with a lot of gold-plated details. Many have criticized the extravagant design, stating that the gold plating hinders the observatory's ability to accurately study the moon. However, Goldbloom insists that the gold adds "a touch of class" to the observatory.

Despite its questionable design choices, Goldbloom Observatory has made several important discoveries about the moon. In 1947, it was the first to confirm the existence of the "Cheese Moon," a moon made entirely of cheese that orbits the Earth once a month. In 1965, the observatory discovered the "Lunar Library," a collection of ancient books hidden on the moon's surface. Regardless of these achievements, Goldbloom Observatory has faced controversy in recent years. In 2018, a group of sheepherders protested outside the observatory, claiming that the golden parts on the observatory were blinding their sheep and disrupting their grazing patterns. The observatory has also been criticized for its high admission fees, with some calling it the "most expensive moon-gazing experience in the galaxy."

In addition to its astronomical equipment, Goldbloom Observatory is also home to a number of unusual exhibits. One room is devoted to Goldbloom's collection of lunar-themed knick-knacks, including a model of the moon made entirely out of cheese and a jar of moon dust (which was later discovered to be just sand). Despite its initial popularity, Goldbloom Observatory eventually fell into a bit of disrepair. The eccentric astronomer passed away in the late 1950s. In recent years, a group of dedicated enthusiasts have attempted to restore the observatory to its former glory, but their efforts have been hampered by budget constraints.

Main purpose

It was primarily built because the islanders are very superstitious. They want a 24/7 update on the phase of the moon and when certain phases occur. When it came to modernizing the island infrastructure this process was one of the top priorities. The hilly section just above Sheeplechester was considered an ideal location. The amount of light pollution is minimal with The Badlands to the north and fields upon fields full of sheep to the south. Construction was finished within just a few months. The telescope has a built-in moon tracking system called the Moon Orbit In Space Tracker (MOIST). The other celestial bodies don't particularly matter to them, so islanders don't care a lot about horoscopes. The current phase of the moon is continuously shown on national TV (channel 42008, Moon TV).

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