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An artists rendition of Sheeplechester by local artist Arturo Ilisástigui
Situated inFiddler's Green

Sheeplechester is a town, situated in Fiddler's Green. It's most well-known for being the sheep capital of the island. The lush green fields around the town are ideal for keeping sheep. There literally isn't any room left anymore. The main reason for these sheep to be kept here is for their wool which is pivotal in producing clothes for people on the island to wear. Most people living here are shepherds by trade. They take their sheep into The Impermanent Peaks every morning and guide them back down when night falls. Fun fact; did you know that the color you see on the back-end of sheep comes from a crayon attached to a male sheep's ding-dong? We'll let you figure out what that one's been up to.

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