Freeroam Psychiatric Institution

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Freeroam Psychiatric Institution
Freeroam Psychiatric Institution
An artists rendition of Freeroam Psychiatric Institution by local artist Arturo Ilisástigui
Situated inThe Southern Tip
Founded byCraigg S. Wrought
Founded in1987

The Freeroam Psychiatric Institution is an institution aimed at helping psychiatric patients, situated in The Southern Tip region of the island. It was founded by Craigg S. Wrought, an esteemed chiropractor, in 1987. While Dr. Wrought was working in his local chiropractors' office he noticed a steadily increasing stream of customers who needed more help than he possibly give them. One day he decided to build the Freeroam Psychiatric Institution (FPI) out of his own pockets to launch a revolutionizing new method of treatment he had come up with. Rumors have been flying around ever since on how he managed to pay for it, making him somewhat of a controversial person in his own right.

Treatment ideas & controversy

Treatment programs at the FPI mostly consist of various treatments already being given in other psychiatric institutions worldwide. What sets the FPI apart is that patients are completely free to roam the grounds and far beyond that. Basically, the entire island can be considered their playground. While generally seen as controversial, the treatments performed at the FPI are considered successful. At least, that is if we are to believe the shareholders' reports that leaked in 1997. These reports state that over 60% of patients never come back again after their first foray into the outdoors. The FPI argues that, by using the Schrödinger metric, it cannot be accurately determined whether or not the patient has recovered and therefore it is considered to be a successful treatment. Patients have been known to roam into the nearby campsite at night.

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