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An artists rendition of the Campsite by local artist Arturo Ilisástigui
TypeDesignated Area
Established in1969
Situated inThe Southern Tip

The Campsite, also known as The Wayward Campsite, is a tourism facility in The Southern Tip, established in 1969. It serves as one of the few places for tourists coming in from outside of the island to stay. It's somewhat of an impromptu area which is why it attracts a lot of backpackers and hikers. The island has very strict "right to roam" laws meaning you can't just pitch a tent wherever you like. It isn't really appreciated and is mostly frowned upon by the inhabitants. The campsite is known for its bizarre and disturbing incidents, such as campers reporting ghostly apparitions, strange noises, and eerie whispers in the dead of night. Some campers have even claimed to see patients from the nearby Freeroam Psychiatric Institution lurking in the shadows or standing at the edge of their campsites. Definitely not horror/slasher movie material.

Despite these terrifying occurrences, the campsite remains open and is run by a group of peculiar caretakers who have been accused of turning a blind eye to the patients' intrusions. Many believe that they are in cahoots with the patients and even encourage their behavior for the sake of entertainment. In recent years, several campers have reported missing items, such as food, clothing, and camping equipment, which are believed to have been stolen by the patients. There have also been reports of campers being attacked and injured by the patients, but these incidents are often brushed off as "accidents" by the caretakers. All part of the charm of the place though.


The campground has a few different amenities:

  • Fireplaces
  • Picnic tables
  • Piped saltwater
  • Pit toilets (BYOTP)
  • Free wood (it's a forest ffs)
  • Garbage cans that are rarely emptied
  • A treehouse with a secret password for entry
  • Sedative-dispensing vending machine
  • Showers equipped with restraints for unruly patients

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