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An artists rendition of modern-day Brentwood by local artist Arturo Ilisástigui
Established in1781
Situated inEast Bushington

Brentwood is a town situated in East Bushington, first established in 1781. It's the biggest town on the island and serves as the de facto capital. However, it lacks official capital status because Pollard's Rest vies for that title too. Local governments cannot agree on which one of these towns should be the capital causing more tension on an already tense island. Brentwood is well-known for its sandy beaches and being built almost directly on top of them. The town was first founded by a group of pilgrims looking for a place to stay near the Eachatuna Circle. The sandy beaches gave them a welcome change of pace from all the pilgrimming, allowing them to start some beach bars and partake in some good old debauchery. Inevitably, some pilgrims lost faith in their divine missions and started building settlements here that eventually grew out to be what is currently Brentwood.

The Golden Age of Piracy

Its strategic location in The Refuge of Broken Teeth made Brentwood an ideal place for pirates to... well... seek refuge. The different islands surrounding the bay make it so that the area is easily defendable against outside forces coming in from the sea. Pair these pirates settling here with some debauching pilgrims, and you have a recipe for a thriving community. Some of the incoming drunk pirates took the wrong exit from time to time and ended up in Getrekt Bay instead. A mistake that typically cost them their ship, if not their life.

The Roaring 70s

Yeah yeah, we know it's quite the leap going from pirates to the 1970s. Surely something happened in between, right!? As you might be able to tell from this story so far it was probably a lot more debauchery. And quite frankly you'd be correct in assuming that. You can probably also guess where this story is going when we mentioned the roaring 70s, right? So does it even matter what we write here? The point is probably made that this is Party City, baby! It still is the place to go when you want a truly crazy party vibe to this day.

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