Whitepowder Forest

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Whitepowder Forest
Whitepowder Forest
An artists rendition of The Whitepowder Forest by local artist Arturo Ilisástigui
Situated inGreater Pixlton

The Whitepowder Forest is a stretch of woods situated in Greater Pixlton. It is most notable for the mysterious white powder that is found in this forest year-round. Rumor has it that some islanders go hard on this stuff and can't find enough orifices in their body to put it into to chase that high. Scientists have been investigating the actual source of the powder and have since concluded it's most likely ash being blown over the forest coming from the Deus' Anus volcano.

Inhabitants and fauna

A single little dwelling exists within the Whitepowder Forest. The cabin doors are always unlocked, and it serves as a place to stay the night for anyone looking to travel up to Nullford. Every once in a while, the ash from the trees is gathered into small ziplock bags and left at the cabin for travelers to enjoy. Some of the travelers deciding to take a hit of the good stuff have to subsequently be gathered from the woods and are escorted out. Forest rangers spend the majority of their time looking after people trekking through. The wildlife in the forest consists mainly of your average rodents, but deer roam the place from time to time too.

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