Treeball Stadium

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Treeball Stadium
Treeball Stadium
An artists rendition of Treeball Stadium by local artist Arturo Ilisástigui
Situated inThe Uplands

Treeball Stadium is a sports facility situated in The Uplands. The sport of Treeball is not very popular in other parts of the world, but it is considered the national sport of the island. The Pollard's Cove Poplars are one of the biggest teams in the national league, which is why they can afford a nice little stadium. It can house up to 25.000 fans and has all the necessary amenities to make your time at the stadium a fun one. A big scoreboard, kiss cams, decent lighting to play matches in the evening, they have the whole shebang.

The rules of Treeball

The game is played by four teams, competing to win. The middle point of each Treeball field consists of a big tree. Stadiums are therefore always built around existing trees that fit the bill, instead of being built on locations that would make more sense from an infrastructural perspective. Before each game, the umpires will put items in the treetops, all worth various amounts of points. Popular items include footballs, cats, kites, and drones. The four teams each occupy a corner of the field and get 10 weighted balls to try and take turns to try and knock as many items out of the tree as they can. Points are allotted based on what they knock out of the tree. Once all the items are knocked out of the tree, the teams switch positions. This continues until all 4 quarters of the field have been played by all the teams. If a tie break is needed, the umpires switch out the balls for explosive ones, release 4 squirrels into the tree, and the first team to knock one out wins. No squirrels were hurt during any game of Treeball.

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