The Sandy Pimple

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The Sandy Pimple
The Sandy Pimple
An artists rendition of The Sandy Pimple by local artist Arturo Ilisástigui
Situated inThe Badlands

The Sandy Pimple is a particularly hilly section of The Badlands. It is most famous for its gigantic 5G tower that provides internet access for the general area around it. However, due to 5G's limited range of roughly 500 meters (1500 feet), it isn't particularly helpful for anyone. The immediate area around it consists of dunes and sand. Given that the average snake or beetle living in the area has no use for 5G, this has given rise to a plethora of wild rumors. These rumors have been circulating since the installation of the tower. It is said to, instead of providing 5G access, keep track of all islanders and their whereabouts by logging their location on the Bitcoin Cash blockchain. It is also said to keep track of what they eat, what groceries they shop for, and their general health statistics such as bowel movements. There have been various scientists trying to debunk this theory, but avid believers know for a fact that these scientists are "in on it".

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