The No-Go Zone

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The No-Go Zone
The No-Go Zone
An artists rendition of The No-Go Zone by local artist Arturo Ilisástigui
TypeDesignated area
Situated inThe Southern Tip
Human Inhabitants0
Hamster InhabitantsUnknown

The No-Go Zone is a designated area, situated in the Southern Tip. It pretty much exclusively consists of grassy fields. It has been off-limits for as long as the average islander can remember. A rare and endangered species of hamster known as the Hamstronius Maximus roam these fields and tries its very best to breed. Hamsters also fire off blanks from time to time, which is why they haven't been very successful in getting the job done. The island's wildlife society has ruled that no human interference can take place in the process. The hamsters don't like voyeurs. Reasons for its drastic decline are not yet fully understood. It has been linked to habitat loss due to intensive agricultural practices, the building of roads that fragment populations, climate change, the historical fur trapping, and to pollution. Even light pollution appears to significantly reduce local populations, unless counterbalanced by other factors. So yeah. These hamsters can't handle a whole lot of shit being thrown at them.

Despite the fact that the hamsters are rarely seen by outsiders, there have been several sightings of the creatures over the years. In fact, some people have claimed to have witnessed the Hamstronius Maximus performing incredible feats, such as building elaborate tunnels and foraging for food in the dead of night. However, these sightings are rare, and the vast majority of people who visit the No-Go Zone are turned away at the gates. Those who do manage to sneak past the guards are often met with swift punishment, as the government takes the protection of the Hamstronius Maximus very seriously.

In recent years, the No-Go Zone has become a hotbed of controversy, as animal rights activists have protested against the strict rules that prevent people from interacting with the hamsters. Despite their efforts, the government remains steadfast in its commitment to protecting these rare and elusive creatures. As a result, the No-Go Zone remains a mysterious and forbidden place, known only to those who have braved the guards and ventured into its depths in search of the elusive Hamstronius Maximus.

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