The Colony

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The Colony
The Colony
An artists rendition of The Colony by local artist Arturo Ilisástigui
Established in2012
Situated inThe Southern Tip

The Colony is a town in The Southern Tip, established in 2012. Established by a guy named Greg, this completely self-sufficient, off-the-grid town wants absolutely nothing to do with the outside world. They have barricaded themselves behind fencing, barbed wire, and solar-powered tesla coils. Trespassers will most definitely get shot. The inhabitants of The Colony all wear uniforms completely made of tinfoil, which include hats. From UFOs to ancient brotherhoods; these people have a theory on everything.

Oh boy, here we go...

When it comes to conspiracy theories, there is only one expert who's got all of the facts. Greg has dedicated his entire life to finding out the truth. And by that, we don't mean the kind of truth you would find in books, libraries, or newspapers. As far as Greg is concerned, the mainstream media are run by the government in a campaign to keep the public stupid. Having been allegedly abducted by aliens, the CIA, and the Illuminati, Greg considers himself to be the chosen one when it comes to opening the public's eyes. He runs roughly eight websites on alien probes, three reptilian encounter support groups, and a mail-order tin-foil hat store from within The Colony. There are people out there that say Greg has some mental problems and should stay away from the paint thinner, but as far as Greg is concerned, those are all just rumors spread by the government.

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