The Colony

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The Colony
The Colony
An artists rendition of The Colony by local artist Arturo Ilisástigui
Established in2012
Situated inThe Southern Tip

The Colony is a town in The Southern Tip, established in 2012. This completely self-sufficient, off-the-grid town wants absolutely nothing to do with the outside world. They have barricaded themselves behind fencing, barbed wire, and solar-powered tesla coils. Trespassers will most definitely get shot. From UFOs to ancient brotherhoods; these people have a theory on everything. The group was founded by a man named Greg, who claims to have received a message from beyond the grave revealing the truth about the world.

The members of The Colony are known for their distinctive appearance, as they all wear tinfoil suits and hats in order to protect themselves from the government's mind-control rays. These suits have become a symbol of their commitment to uncovering the truth, no matter how outlandish or unbelievable it may seem to outsiders. The Colony is based in a remote part of the island, where they spend their days huddled around their ham radios, listening for messages from other like-minded individuals and decoding secret government broadcasts. They are heavily armed and paranoid, convinced that the government is constantly trying to silence them and cover up their findings.

Despite their eccentric beliefs and behaviors, The Colony has gained a significant following online, where they share their theories and findings with others who are interested in the truth. Some have even claimed that the group's tinfoil suits have supernatural properties, allowing them to bend time and space and even travel through dimensions. While many people dismiss The Colony as a group of kooks, there are those who believe that their theories may hold some truth. And with the government's track record of secrecy and cover-ups, it's not hard to imagine that there may be some truth to what they're saying.

There's kooks and there's Greg...

When it comes to conspiracy theories, there is only one expert who's got all of the facts. Greg has dedicated his entire life to finding out the truth. And by that, we don't mean the kind of truth you would find in books, libraries, or newspapers. As far as Greg is concerned, the mainstream media are run by the government in a campaign to keep the public stupid. Having been allegedly abducted by aliens, the CIA, and the Illuminati, Greg considers himself to be the chosen one when it comes to opening the public's eyes. He runs roughly eight websites on alien probes, three reptilian encounter support groups, and a mail-order tin-foil hat store from within The Colony. There are people out there that say Greg has some mental problems and should stay away from the paint thinner, but as far as Greg is concerned, those are all just rumors spread by the government.

The Red List

Not a lot of information leaves The Colony, but a list of conspiracy theories the colonists believe in has been leaked and has been subsequently dubbed The Red List. It is believed to be only a subsection of their long list of findings.

  1. The moon landing was faked.
  2. The world is flat.
  3. The government is hiding aliens.
  4. The Illuminati controls the world.
  5. 9/11 was an inside job.
  6. The global elite are planning to implement a New World Order.
  7. Vaccines are a form of population control.
  8. Elvis Presley is alive and well.
  9. The government is using chemtrails to control the population.
  10. The government is using subliminal messages in music and movies.
  11. The royal family are shape-shifting reptilians.
  12. The government is using weather control to manipulate the population.
  13. The government is using mind control technology.
  14. Bigfoot is real and the government is covering it up.
  15. The government is using HAARP to control the weather and earthquakes.
  16. The government is using fluoride in water to control the population's minds.
  17. The government is using the media to control the population's thoughts and beliefs.
  18. The government is using the education system to brainwash children.
  19. The government is using the food industry to control the population's health.
  20. The government is using the health care system to control the population's lives.
  21. The government is using the banking system to control the population's wealth.
  22. The government is using the entertainment industry to distract the population from the truth.
  23. The government is using social media to spy on the population.
  24. The government is using the internet to control the population's access to information.
  25. The government is using 5G technology to control the population's health and minds.
  26. The government is using the music industry to control the population's emotions.
  27. The government is using the fashion industry to control the population's appearance and self-esteem.
  28. The government is hiding the cure for cancer.
  29. The government is conducting secret experiments on citizens.
  30. The government is hiding evidence of mermaids.
  31. The government is creating artificial intelligence to take over the world.
  32. The government is using advanced technology to create fake time loops.
  33. Chickens are being used by the government to spy on citizens.
  34. The chicken industry is controlled by a secret society that seeks to dominate the global food supply.
  35. Chickens are being genetically modified to be more aggressive and dangerous.
  36. The rise of chicken fast food chains is part of a secret plan to make humans more docile and controllable.
  37. Chickens are being used as guinea pigs for dangerous medical experiments.
  38. The decline in chicken populations is actually part of a secret plan to control the global food supply.
  39. The widespread use of antibiotics in the chicken industry is part of a conspiracy to make humans more susceptible to illness.
  40. The rise of backyard chicken coops is part of a secret plan to create a network of spies in every neighborhood.
  41. The chicken industry is using subliminal messages in advertising to manipulate consumers.
  42. The high levels of arsenic found in chicken products is part of a plan to poison the population.

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