Camp of the Furry Nomads

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Camp of the Furry Nomads
Camp of the Furry Nomads
An artists rendition of the Camp of the Furry Nomads by local artist Arturo Ilisástigui
Established in1998
Situated inThe Southern Tip

The Camp of the Furry Nomads is a settlement situated in the woods of The Southern Tip. While originally settling here to only spend a few nights, this group of nomads stuck around since first settling here in 1998. They still live in their tents and wagons and have their own little sub-culture on the island. Research into their customs has been complicated by the fact that the group appears to have no written records of its own, with oral tradition through storytelling being the primary method through which the community disseminates its history and culture. This centuries-old game of telephone has led to some really weird stories emerging.

The elephant in the room; the hairyness

When visiting the encampment, one thing immediately catches your eye. The hairiness of its inhabitants truly is a sight to behold. Research has shown that this is, in fact, not caused by hypertrichosis (also known as werewolf syndrome). While diving into the genetic composition of these people has revealed some other startling things, this is not one of them. The current working theory is that this is an evolutionary remnant from having lived in a really cold place a long, long time ago. Some of the nomads shave their bodies but are typically immediately outcast from the community. They truly are some of the most heartwarming people you will ever meet though, and we're not saying that because hugging them will keep you warm through the coldest of winters.

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