#3519 Leeandrew Suggett

Leeandrew Suggett is a 54-year-old travel courier who enjoys locksport. He was born on Sunday, 24 July 1966. Physically, Leeandrew is in pretty good shape. He is very short with golden skin, ginger hair and brown eyes. He has a severe phobia of the opposite sex. He is currently in a relationship with Tench Birsa. Tench is 32 years younger than him and works as an audit clerk. Leeandrew has a best friend who is an amusement arcade worker called Cheresse Vandrie.

Relationships (2)

Relationship withTench Birsa
Best friends withCheresse Vandrie

Attributes (11)

TypeHuman5400 Pixls have this.
GenderMale2761 Pixls have this.
Skin ToneGolden1099 Pixls have this.
MouthOpen1068 Pixls have this.
HairstyleLanky61 Pixls have this.
HaircolorGinger495 Pixls have this.
WristwearWatch358 Pixls have this.
MaskPiggie9 Pixls have this.
ShirtBasic White Shirt84 Pixls have this.
PantsLight Jeans211 Pixls have this.
ShoesWhite Shoes1257 Pixls have this.

Ownership Record (3)

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