#5352 Mervel Elseth

Mervel Elseth is a 49-year-old former pattern cutter who enjoys pocket billiards. He was born on Saturday, 10 April 1971. Physically, Mervel is in good shape. He is short with ivory skin, ginger hair and blue eyes. He has a severe phobia of newness, novelty. He is currently married to Hazy Ackels. Hazy is 7 years older than him and works as a hospital orderly. Mervel has a best friend who is an audit manager called Corvin Alois.

Relationships (2)

Relationship withHazy Ackels
Best friends withCorvin Alois

Attributes (10)

TypeHuman5400 Pixls have this.
GenderMale2761 Pixls have this.
Skin ToneIvory1059 Pixls have this.
MouthOpen1068 Pixls have this.
HairstyleScraggly68 Pixls have this.
HaircolorGinger495 Pixls have this.
WristwearWatch358 Pixls have this.
ShirtVest36 Pixls have this.
PantsBasic Jeans Shorts203 Pixls have this.
ShoesWhite Shoes1257 Pixls have this.

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