#4466 Jadiamond Colonnese

Jadiamond Colonnese is a 26-year-old showman who enjoys riverboarding. She was born on Thursday, 29 December 1994. Physically, Jadiamond is not in great shape. She is short with golden skin, brown hair and brown eyes. She has a tattoo of Kathryn Prescott on her arm. She is currently married to Breonnah Gabbert. Breonnah is 15 years older than her and works as a literary agent. Jadiamond has a best friend who is an induction moulder called Adidas Bothel.

Relationships (2)

Relationship withBreonnah Gabbert
Best friends withAdidas Bothel

Attributes (10)

TypeHuman5400 Pixls have this.
GenderFemale2697 Pixls have this.
Skin ToneGolden1099 Pixls have this.
MouthSmile1104 Pixls have this.
HairstyleDual Top Knots71 Pixls have this.
HaircolorBrown1668 Pixls have this.
EarringSimple Gold397 Pixls have this.
TattooBoth Arms102 Pixls have this.
ShoesWhite Slippers234 Pixls have this.
Female OutfitBasic Purple Dress134 Pixls have this.

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