#335 Amorae Hadden

Amorae Hadden is a 44-year-old masseuse who enjoys people watching. She was born on Wednesday, 1 September 1976. Physically, Amorae is in pretty good shape. She is very tall with vanilla skin, black hair and green eyes. She is currently in a relationship with Trabian Viaud. Trabian is 10 years older than her and works as a former zoologist. Amorae has a best friend who is a former train driver called Simin Wratchford.

Relationships (2)

Relationship withTrabian Viaud
Best friends withSimin Wratchford

Attributes (9)

TypeHuman5400 Pixls have this.
GenderFemale2697 Pixls have this.
Skin ToneVanilla1065 Pixls have this.
MouthWow521 Pixls have this.
HairstyleLow Knot85 Pixls have this.
HaircolorBlack1810 Pixls have this.
MaskMuzzle48 Pixls have this.
ShoesPink Sneakers232 Pixls have this.
Female OutfitBasic Red Dress119 Pixls have this.

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