#2557 Nicholas Cunnings

Nicholas Cunnings was a 35-year-old former civil engineer who enjoyed freestyle scootering. He was born on Tuesday, 7 January 1986. Physically, Nicholas is in horrible shape. It doesn't help that he is now dead. He has a few black hairs on his head, but doesn't have any eyes left that we could tell you the color of. Nicholas now roams the world as a zombie. He had a severe phobia of rooms. Nicholas was murdered by Fidelina Estes for making another food token. He was in a relationship with Calvion Snipes. Calvion is 15 years older than him and works as a former press setter. Nicholas had a best friend who is a market researcher called Daniels Colmery.

Relationships (3)

Relationship withCalvion Snipes
Best friends withDaniels Colmery
Murdered byFidelina Estes

Attributes (8)

TypeZombs53 Pixls have this.
GenderMale2761 Pixls have this.
MouthTongue603 Pixls have this.
HairstyleFringe Up244 Pixls have this.
HaircolorBlack1810 Pixls have this.
ShirtThe Dutch Are Everywhere107 Pixls have this.
PantsBasic Cargo188 Pixls have this.
ShoesWhite Shoes1257 Pixls have this.

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