#2173 Emelly Bentsen


Emelly Bentsen is a 33-year-old market trader who enjoys icosathlon. She was born on Monday, 31 August 1987. Physically, Emelly is slightly overweight but otherwise in good shape. She is very tall with mocha skin, blonde hair and brown eyes. She is currently married to Levance Maraviglia. Levance is 11 years younger than her and works as a spring maker. Emelly has a best friend who is an inventor called Emmerson Woike.

Relationships (2)

Relationship withLevance Maraviglia
Best friends withEmmerson Woike

Attributes (7)

TypeHuman5400 Pixls have this.
GenderFemale2697 Pixls have this.
Skin ToneMocha1082 Pixls have this.
MouthWow521 Pixls have this.
HaircolorBlond1328 Pixls have this.
HeadgearBowler56 Pixls have this.
Female OutfitSummer Orange42 Pixls have this.

Ownership Record (1)


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