About us

Created in March of 2021, the Genesis Pixls are a collection of 5471 pixel art characters with their own backstories, occupations, phobias and relationships among one another. They were created by Cookie and are represented in a 48x48 pixels GIF format, consisting of 4 frames within which each Pixltonian bounces into infinity.

After releasing the initial collection, but not selling it out entirely, it was decided that the remaining Pixltonians would essentially be burned. These will never exist on the original contract, making the remaining currently minted Pixltonians the "Genesis" Pixls that started it all. While some bits of lore around the city of Pixlton were released, it wasn't until the release of the lore map that a lot of the areas were clarified and received the proper backstory they deserved.

Chickens have always held a special spot in our hearts. While the project was not officially released yet, one of the Pixltonians has held the position of Social Media Manager. Suffice to say he sucked at the job. When we released we had to sack him, because he went on to a new owner. He still appears to be plotting evil deeds in the shadows though, given the announcement of the Pixlton Car Club he apparently spearheads.

!bok 🐔

Why build this in the first place?

As a kid of the 80s and early 90s I grew up on graphics consisting of tiny little squares. In modern video games these kinds of graphics would scare people. But, even though they were just squares, the amount of creativity game developers managed to squeeze out of them back in the day is impressive. A few correctly placed squares conveyed all kinds of emotions. There's a reason that a lot of these games are still considered classics in their own right, being remastered over the years to inspire new generations of people just like me.

This project started as an hommage to, and out of a love for that pixelart style. That love is at the core of the project. Making other people smile over some of the silly, quirky things coming out of this project makes the effort all worth it.

Introducing the Team